Flipped Learning Certification Level - I

Flipped Learning 3.0 Differentiation Strategies

Certified Differentiation Specialist | taught by 16 Flipped Learning Differentiation Masters

Course description

The Flipped Learning 3.0 Differentiation Certification was created to solve one of the biggest challenges teachers face. How do I give the right instruction at the right time to every student in a class of 20, 30, or more?

This course is a master class on effective differentiation strategies in the Flipped Classroom. You will learn why differentiation is so hard, why most teachers fail to differentiate instruction, and how to differentiate successfully with proven strategies made possible through Flipped Learning.

You'll learn how to successfully differentiate your instruction in four domains:

  • General differentiation meta-strategies
  • Differentiation in the individual space
  • Differentiation in the group space
  • Differentiating assessments 

Most importantly, you will learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished pioneers, master teachers, researchers, instructional designers, and Flipped Learning practitioners in the world.

Join Jon Bergmann, along with a cadre of 16 differentiation masters, including Carol Ann Tomlinson, Dr. James (Jim) Delisle, Martha Ramirez , Lynne Greathouse, Dan Welty, Tom White, Susan White , Peter Santoro, Ann Yenne, Rob Boriskin, Lisa Westman, Paul Mills, Steve Griffiths, Stephen Crapnell, Jenny Leung, and Birgit A. Jensen. 

You’ll complete this master class with the confidence to differentiate in classes of various student sizes, and diverse academic competencies. You'll also receive the Flipped Learning 3.0 Differentiation Specialist Certification to add to your professional resume.


  1. Training and Certification $69
  2. Training, Certification, Updates, Access to Webinar Library, and Support $89/year 

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16 Flipped Learning Differentiation Masters
16 Flipped Learning Differentiation Masters

Carol Ann Tomlinson is William Clay Parrish, Jr. Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.  Prior to joining the faculty at UVa, she was a public school teacher for 21 years.  During that time, she taught students in high school, preschool, and middle school, and also administered programs for struggling and advanced learners.  She was Virginia’s Teacher of the Year in 1974.  

Carol is author of over 300 books, book chapters, articles, and other educational materials including: How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms 3rd Ed.), The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners (2nd Edition), and (with David Sousa) Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom (2nd Ed.). Her books on differentiation are available in 13 languages. 

Carol works throughout the United States and internationally with educators who seek to create classrooms that are more effective with academically diverse student populations.

Dr. James (Jim) Delisle had been an educator for 41 years, teaching in grades 2 - graduate school.   A retired Distinguished Professor of Education from Kent State University, Jim has spent most of his career working with gifted middle and high school students.  A conference presenter in 48 states and more than a dozen nations, Jim is also the author of 20 books, including his newest, "Doing poorly on purpose; Strategies to reverse underachievement and respect student dignity". Jim currently teaches gifted 9th graders part-time at Scholars Academy in Conway, South Carolina.

Martha Ramirez holds an MA degree in Education with an emphasis in Bilingualism and Technology at Unversidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Martha is a FLGI Master Teacher and a Flipped Learning trainer who specializes in the application of the In-Class Flip.

Lynne Greathouse earned her Master of the Arts Degree in Instructional Technology and E-Learning from Saginaw Valley State University where Flipped Learning was the focus of her capstone project. Lynne is a Flipped Learning International Ambassador for FLGI. She has been teaching high school science at All Saints High School in Bay City, Michigan for seven years.

Dan Welty was a traditional teacher for 19 years and is currently in his 5th year of Flipped Learning at Algonquin Regional High School in Massachusetts.  He attended Boston University and was also a National Board Certified Teacher.  Dan also coaches Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey and has won 3 district championships. He has been 1:1 iPads in his classroom for the last 5 years and is also a Digital Literacy Leader (DLL) at his school.

Tom White is a Middle School Social Studies teacher with 31 years of teaching experience and a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Tom helped bring 1:1 into his district four years ago.  Two years ago, Tom was introduced to Flipped Learning, became FLGI certified, and has totally redone his curriculum using flipped, PBL, and Mastery learning.  

Susan White is a FLGI Top 100 teacher, with over 20 years of teaching experience.  She currently teaches 6th grade math at Creekside Middle School, and enjoys integrating technology into her 1:1 math class.  She is currently leading the way for Flipped Learning at her building.

Peter Santoro teaches Mathematics at Garden City High School, Long Island, NY. Peter has an MA in Math Education from St. John's University, Queens, NY.  Peter is an FLGI Master Teacher, is Level I and Level II Certified, and is Flipped Learning Trainer Certified as well.  Peter is teaching his Math classes using the Flipped Learning Mastery model.  In addition to Mastery, Peter has a particular focus on Differentiation in the Flipped classroom.

Ann Yenne teaches students in 3rd through 5th grade at Trailblazer Elementary in Colorado Springs.  In her 18th year of teaching, 11 of which were spent teaching P.E., this is her 7th year of flipping instruction, and she can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Rob Boriskin teaches Ceramics at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, CA. Rob was introduced to Flipping at an ISTE conference in 2013.  He went to the conference because his school was moving to a 1:1 campus with iPads.  Though flipping is mostly discussed in the more academic areas, it has worked great with his ceramic class and Rob believes it has lots of practical application in both the Arts and other non-academic areas.

Lisa Westman has over 15 years of experience as a teacher (gifted humanities, English Language Arts, social studies), and as an instructional coach specializing in differentiation. Lisa is a currently a writer, consultant, and speaker, working with school systems across the country to effectively implement student-driven differentiation, standards-based learning, and instructional coaching programs. Lisa is passionate about teaching and learning; she is dedicated to effecting change which positively impacts both student and educator learning.
Lisa frequently presents for school districts and at educational conferences. She has presented at ASCD, Visible Learning, IAGC, ICE, IETC, ILASCD, The Gifted and Talented Consortium of Wisconsin CESA 7, and ICIC. Lisa is a frequent opinion contributor to EdWeek, EdWeek Teacher, Corwin Connect, and her personal blog, Put Me In, Coach. Her first book Student Driven Differentiation: 8 Steps To Harmonize Learning in the Classroom was published by Corwin Press in April 2018.

Paul Mills is a 5th Grade Math and Writing teacher in Moline, Illinois. He received a BS in Elementary Education from Knox College and is working on his Masters in Educational Leadership. He started running a Flipped Classroom when his administrator asked him to try it, since the structure within his classroom complimented it well. He has now led Professional Developments within his district as an example of how to do the Flipped Classroom and classroom structure. 

Steve Griffiths was a physical therapist before becoming a high school science teacher.  Steve is currently a research masters candidate and is researching video learning.  Steve is a FLGI Master Teacher, certified Flipped Learning trainer, and a founding member of the FLGI International Faculty.

Stephen Crapnell (M.Ed., B.Ed.) is the e-Learning coordinator and a Mathematics teacher at All Hallows’ School, Brisbane, Australia.  Steve researches, develops and presents professional development opportunities that examine and employ the effective uses of emerging digital technologies in the classroom. Steve has achieved Flipped Learning Certification Levels - I & II as well as Trainer Certification Level - I.

Jenny Leung obtained her Master of Arts in English Language Teaching from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Drama and Theatre in Education in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Jenny's professional insights include Flipped Learning and drama in education. She has been teaching English as a second language in middle school classrooms for six years. She is a FLGI certified trainer and the subject representative of FlippEducators@HK, an organization in Hong Kong promoting Flipped Learning.

Birgit A. Jensen (PhD, The Ohio State University, 1993) teaches German language and culture at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She has been flipping her courses since 2014. Her research areas include student perceptions of Flipped Learning and development of cross-cultural critical thinking skills in the foreign-language classroom.

Jon Bergmann is one of the pioneers of the Flipped Class Movement. Jon is leading the worldwide adoption of Flipped Learning by working with governments, schools, corporations, and education non-profits. Jon is coordinating or guiding Flipped Learning initiatives around the globe including China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, the Middle East, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, India, South America, and the United States.

Jon is the author of twelve books including the bestselling book: Flip Your Classroom, which has been translated into 13 languages. He is the founder of the global RESCON conferences which are dynamic engaging events which inspire educators to transform their practice by reaching every student in every class every day.

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Reviews (15)

Rebecca Hickey RN MEd

by Rebecca Hickey
Excellent program I am recommending this as PD for our Blended Learning teachers.

by viviana fabbri

Lots of Good Detail!

by Rebecca Kovacs
This course provided me with a ideas for switching things up for the flipped classroom. I appreciated having a number of different people giving input.
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Rebecca Hickey RN MEd

by Rebecca Hickey
Excellent program I am recommending this as PD for our Blended Learning teachers.

by viviana fabbri

Lots of Good Detail!

by Rebecca Kovacs
This course provided me with a ideas for switching things up for the flipped classroom. I appreciated having a number of different people giving input.

Practical pointers from practitioners!

by Fay Nielsen
I really enjoyed hearing practical pointers from a variety of professionals in different fields. Lots of good ideas. Definitely take level one before taking this class. The background information is important.

by Jennifer Donnelly

Get Going

by Darlene Stewart
It was informative, I liked that I was given a second opportunity to take the assessment, because I firmly believe that once the material is presented students can definitely score higher if given a second chance. We truly learn from our mistakes. It was also interesting to hear 3 different perspectives on differentiation.

by Dedy Budiman M.Pd, CMA

Getting Going

by Diane Allen
I liked the intro of expert speakers & the simple, concise method of info transfer. I had trouble with dequis

I didn't bother to finish

by Ebony Burnside
After having taken the Flipped Certification course, I had high hopes for this course, but am sad to say that I didn't see the benefit of completing it for a variety of reasons. 30% in, I don't even have one page of notes taken. If you have done any thinking about differentiation previously, this course may not be valuable for you either.

by C. Harun Böke

by Stefania Della Sciucca

Great course!

by daniela tomatis

by Aurora Mariani

Solid Strategies

by Dan Jones
I was really impressed with the content of this course. It gives realistic suggestions for differentiation, and it does a great job showing the differentiation in action.

by Susan White