Jon Bergmann
$99.00 / year

Flipped Learning Certification Level - I

Flipped Learning Global Initiative

Jon Bergmann

How to Avoid the 17 Deadly Sins of Flipped Learning Technology Selection

Flipped Learning Technology Selection Course

Jon Bergmann & Raul Santiago

CertificaciĆ³n Flipped Learning en espaƱol Nivel I

16 Group Space Masters
$129.00 / year

Flipped Learning Certification Level - II

Flipped Learning Certification Level-II answers the question: What are the most effective, riveting and innovative, ways to use class time with students? This course is a master-class in group space management.

Jon Bergmann

Flipped Learning Trainer Certification Level - I

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Flipped Trainer? Learn the critical components of how to lead others through the process of changing from traditional models of education to Flipped Learning.