Course Description

The Flipped Learning 3.0 Lesson Planning Specialist Certification was created to solve the biggest problems faced by teachers as they prepare to flip:  An adequate picture of what a flipped class looks like, strategies to use planning time efficiently, and simple workflows to actually flip your classroom.

This course is a masterclass on effective planning strategies in the Flipped Classroom. You will learn how to plan in ways that are simple and effective. 

The course contains 10 class tours of flipped classes and many downloadable templates you can use to speed up your planning and accelerate your adoption of Flipped Learning. 

The course includes sections on:

  • Big Picture Planning

  • Planning for the Basic Flip

  • Planning Intentionally with Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Planning for Inquiry

  • Planning for Personalization

  • Planning for Flipped-Mastery

  • Planning for Gamification

  • Planning for the In-Class Flip

Most importantly, you will learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished pioneers, master teachers, researchers, instructional designers, and Flipped Learning practitioners in the world.

Join Jon Bergmann, along with a cadre of twelve others including Dr. Caroline Fell-Kurban (Turkey), Mareika McLaughlin (USA), Laura Cimetta (Italy), Scott Osborne (USA), Joanne Ward (Taiwan), Sara Lambert (New Zealand), Carolina Buitrago (Columbia), Stephanie Quarato (USA), Peter Groom (Taiwan), Ryan Gill (Australia), Pete Whiting (Australia), and Jake Habegger (USA).

You’ll complete this master class with the confidence to plan effectively regardless of what you teach or how you use class time. You'll also receive the Flipped Learning 3.0 Planning Specialist Certification to add to your professional resume.


  • Training and Certification with 90 days of course access - $69
  • Training, Certification, Updates, Access to Webinar Library, and Support for 365 days - $89/year 

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13 Flipped Learning Lesson

Planning Master Teachers

Scroll down to meet the 45 instructors who will be sharing their experience, practical insights, and strategies with you:

Jon Bergmann is one of the pioneers of the Flipped Class Movement. Jon is supporting the worldwide adoption of Flipped Learning by working with governments, schools, corporations, and education non-profits. Jon has coordinated or guided Flipped Learning initiatives around the globe including Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, Mexico, India, South America, and the United States. Jon is the author of nine books including the bestselling book: Flip Your Classroom, which has been translated into 13 languages and sold over 200,000 copies. Jon received the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence and serves on the advisory board for TED-Education. He's currently teaching and leading staff development at a Houston high school.

Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban is the Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at MEF University. She holds a BSc in Geology, MSc in TESOL, MA in Technology and Learning Design, and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. Being one of the drivers of Flipped Learning at MEF University, her role sees her: developing learner training support in Flip for students; providing professional development for instructors developing and teaching Flipped courses; and developing quality assurance parameters to ensure the successful implementation and continuation of Flipped Learning at MEF University.

Mareika McLaughlin has been an ESL teacher for about 10 years and an instructional designer full time for about five years. She has taught ESL classes to every age group: primary school, high school, university and adults, as well as to every skill level: pre-literate adult refugees, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and highly qualified and accomplished professional adults. Mareika has now transitioned into the completely online environment in her current position. She works at Berklee Online as an Online Course Developer. This position combines the art of instructional design with project management.

** To see details on all 45 instructors you'll hear from in this course click >>> SEE ALL

Laura Cimetta is an Italian High School teacher of ESL Literature. Laura has 30 years of experience in public High schools. As an e-learning author, blogger and teacher trainer, she has always been keen to learn & try innovative practices in her teaching practice, such as the use of Blog, Blended Learning, BYOD & Flipped Learning. She is passionate about the ways digital technology can help students be more engaged, as well as unleash their creativity when studying literature in a foreign language. Laura has achieved Flipped Learning Certification Levels - I and II. 

Scott Osborne is an Algebra II teacher at Central High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with 18 years of teaching experience.  Scott is the Math Department Chair and has been flipping his class for the past six years.  Scott is also a Flipped Learning Ambassador.

Joanne Ward (M.B.A) is an international faculty of Flipped Learning Global Initiative. She serves as a secondary math teacher in an international school in Taipei, Taiwan. She has successfully flipped her class for three years. Her flipped journey has led her the certificate of appreciation at her school in the school year of 2015-2016.

Sara Lambert teaches years 3-4 at Ashhurst Primary School, the first flipped school in New Zealand. She has been flipping her classroom for the last 2 years, beginning with single curriculum areas and now using the In-Flip model to structure all of her learning programmes. Her pedagogical passion is to involve students in stimulated learning within an engaging environment which fosters hands-on experiences and applied learning. Sara was selected for the national Science Teaching Leadership Programme in 2017, and now uses the Flipped Mastery model to lead school-wide science Professional Development for staff. 

Carolina Buitrago is a teacher educator. She has worked in the field of English Language Teaching since 2001. Carolina has performed tasks in different educational fields. She has been an English teacher, teacher supervisor, teacher trainer, thesis director, University professor, and has also worked as an associate editor for a couple of indexed journals. Carolina is a research enthusiast and has worked on varied research projects involving Flipped Learning.

Stephanie Quarato obtained her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University, and her Sixth Year Degree in Administration and Supervision from Sacred Heart University. Stephanie continuously researches and joins global conversations about the flipped classroom in order to provide unique and informative professional development, as well as to continue to flip her classroom successfully. In addition, Stephanie plans to use the in-flip model to reconstruct the math intervention program. She aspires to be a school administrator and plans to continue to use the flipped classroom to flip professional development workshops. She has been teaching middle school math for nine years and will be taking on the role of the math coach, interventionist, and specialist at her school. She is an FLGI certified trainer and has also obtained Flipped Learning Certification Levels I and II, as well as working on completing the differentiating a flipped classroom certification. 

Peter Groom is a Year 2 class teacher and Curriculum Leader at Taipei European School, Taiwan. Peter enjoys experimenting with different ways that Flipped Learning can be used to engage younger children and their parents in learning. He also collaborates with other teachers to explore how Flipped Learning can change their classrooms too. Peter has been Flipping his classroom for 2 years and has completed the Flipped Learning Certification Level - I.

Ryan Gill (M.Ed., B.Sc. PGCE) is the Head of Teaching and Learning and a Geography and Society and Culture teachers at Masada College, Sydney, Australia. As an educator, his core philosophy is that learning is a product of thinking. Early inspiration came in the seminal work of David Leat and the team at Newcastle University, UK and later alongside the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Project Zero team. He is a key figure in the development of Cultures of Thinking and the Flipped Learning pedagogies across Australia, regularly facilitating at conferences and educational institutions, including a range of courses developed at the highly acclaimed Masada College 'Think Centre'.

Pete Whiting got interested with Flipped Learning when a student was out sick and he started making videos for her. When he realized what was good for her was good for all of his students, he was hooked. Now, five years later he is considered one of the gurus in bringing Flipped Learning and gamification together. Pete teaches secondary science in Australia.

Jake Habegger is an 8th-grade American history teacher at Freedom Middle School in Franklin, TN. Jake’s goal is to invigorate student learning by meeting them where they are by using technology through the Flipped Mastery Model with elements of Standards-Based Grading. He also has a channel on YouTube where he shares his lectures, rap battles, and history song parodies at Mr. Habegger History.  Jake is a Master Flip Teacher and founding member of the International Faculty with the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI). He is one of the “Top 100 K-12 Teachers Leading Flipped Learning Worldwide”.

Course curriculum

Click the arrow to the right of each unit to see curriculum details.

  • 1

    Getting Going

    • 1 - When Plans Go Awry

    • 2 - The Problems with Traditional Planning

    • 3 - How to Use this Course

    • Introductory Survey

    • Planning Introduction Discussion

  • 2

    Planning - The Big Picture - Backwards Design with Caroline Fell Kurban

    • 1 - Meet Caroline Fell Kurban

    • 2- Planning Using Backwards Design

    • PDF Backwards Design Template

    • Example of Backwards Designed Course

    • Backwards Design Discussion

  • 3

    Planning Flipped Videos with Mareika McLaughlin

    • 1 - Meet Mareika McLaughlin

    • 2 - Designing a Flipped Video Part 1

    • 3 - Designing a Flipped Video Part 2

    • 4 - How to use Flipped Video Templates

    • Flipped Video Lesson Planning Templates

    • Planning Flipped Videos Discussion

  • 4

    Planning for the Basic Flip with Scott Osborne

    • 1 - Meet Scott Osborne

    • 2 - Peer Inside a Flipped Class

    • 3 - Planning for the Basic Flip

    • Scott Osborne's Planning Workflow Sheet

    • The Basic Flip Discussion

  • 5

    Before-During-After with Joanne Ward

    • 1-Meet Joanne Ward

    • 2 - Peer Into Joanne's Class

    • 3-Planning Using the Before - During - After Strategy

    • Joanne's Templates

    • Before-During-After Discussion

  • 6

    Planning Intentionally Using Bloom's Taxonomy with Laura Cimetta

    • 1 - Meet Laura Cimetta

    • 2 - Visit Laura's Class

    • 3 - Planning Intentionally Using Bloom's Taxonomy

    • Laura Cimetta Flipped Planning Workflow

    • Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Discussion

  • 7

    Planning for Hands-On Learning with Sara Lambert

    • 1 - Meet Sara Lambert

    • 2 - Peer Into a Class Designed for Hands-On-Learning

    • 3 - Planning for Hands-On Learning

    • Planning for Hands-On Learning Workflow

    • Hands-On-Learning Discussion

  • 8

    Planning for the In-Class Flip with Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago

    • 1 - Meet Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago

    • 2 - Class Tour of an In-Class Flipped Class

    • 3 - Planning an In-Class Flip Part 1

    • 4 - Planning an In-Class Flip Part 2

    • Carolina's Planning Flowchart

    • Planning for the In-Class Flip Discussion

  • 9

    Planning for Inquiry with Stephanie Quarato

    • 1 - Getting to know Stephanie Quarato

    • 2 - Visit Stephanie's Class

    • 3 - Big Picture Planning with Stephanie

    • 4 - Lesson Planning with Stephanie

    • Flipped Classroom Lesson Planning Template

    • Planning for Inquiry Discussion

  • 10

    Planning for Personalization with Peter Groom

    • 1 - Meet Peter Groom

    • 2 - Peer Into a Class Setup for Personalization

    • 3 - Planning for Personalization

    • Peter Groom Planning Workflow

    • Planning for Personalization Discussion

  • 11

    Planning for Deeper Thinking with Ryan Gill

    • 1 - Meet Ryan Gill

    • 2 - Deeper Thinking Class Tour

    • 3 - Planning for Deeper Thinking

    • Cultures of Thinking pdf

    • Thinking Routines Matrix pdf

    • Connect Extend Challenge Description

    • Generate Sort Connect Elaborate Description

    • Planning for Deeper Thinking Discussion

  • 12

    Planning to Gamify Your Classroom with Pete Whiting

    • 1 - Meet Pete Whiting

    • 2 - Peer Into a Gamified Classroom

    • 3 - Planning for Gamification

    • Gamification Planning Workflow

    • Forensics Quest Book

    • Energy & Electricity Quest Book

    • Planning for Gamification

  • 13

    Planning for Flipped Mastery with Jake Habegger

    • 1- Meet Jake Habegger

    • 2 - Peer into a Flipped Mastery Secondary Class

    • 3-Planning for Flipped Mastery Schools

    • Sample Hyperdoc

    • Sample Master Presentation

    • Planning for Mastery Discussion

  • 14

    Final Thoughts

    • 1 - The Real Challenge

    • 2 - Taking the Next Step

    • Your Workflow

    • Register your Certification

    • Course Survey


5 star rating

Great course and great experts

Marta Pérez Calvo

I am going recommend this course to all my colleagues. All the contributions are inspiring!!!!

I am going recommend this course to all my colleagues. All the contributions are inspiring!!!!

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5 star rating

Almost all versions of FL in one go!

C. Harun Böke

The experts from all over the world sharing their expertise and experience on almost every version of Flipped Learning is simply mind-blowing. Not only them...

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The experts from all over the world sharing their expertise and experience on almost every version of Flipped Learning is simply mind-blowing. Not only them, but also other fellow trainees shared their amazing experience and valuable thoughts, which, often were eye-openers. Thank you, Jon, for this great course. Definitely a must for Flippers.

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5 star rating

Straight talk about lesson planning for the flipped class...

Jane Blystone

This whole course has been empowering. I have been working to flip my classrooms for the past 8 years and this has helped me see the need for individual and ...

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This whole course has been empowering. I have been working to flip my classrooms for the past 8 years and this has helped me see the need for individual and group learning space. I have learned unique ways to differentiate not only the tasks but the assessments that are part of the learning process. This was intense, but worth all of the time I spent learning these new approaches and tools.

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5 star rating

That's the way weDO it!

Laura Cimetta

I've loved this course because it allowed me to see what happens when other teachers, from all over the world, personalise their way of Flipping their class...

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I've loved this course because it allowed me to see what happens when other teachers, from all over the world, personalise their way of Flipping their classes. I've enjoyed every minute of it especially when peering and visiting their classes while they were explaining the reasons for their methodological choices, because I could better understand HOW they plan their lessons, also if different subjects from mine. Following their planning workflow I've got new insights that may help me address and improve what doesn't completely satisfy me. Seeing so many committed Experts and engaged learners gave me Hope for the future of Education. Thanks!

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5 star rating

Lesson Planning Specialist

Debbie Williams

Overall another excellent course with some great ideas. Well presented, easy to understand. Motivating.

Overall another excellent course with some great ideas. Well presented, easy to understand. Motivating.

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5 star rating

Henry Ucharico

5 star rating

All thumbs up!

Hannah David

Excellent questions and answers, classroom videos and panel of experts.

Excellent questions and answers, classroom videos and panel of experts.

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4 star rating

Lucia Teague-Schellekens

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